Chicken / Pork / Vegetable / Tofu - 9.99
Beef 10.50
Shrimp / Squid - 10.99
Combination Seafood - 15.99

FR1.  THAI FRIED RICE - Stir fried rice with egg, onions & choice of meat

FR2.  BASIL FRIED RICE - Fried rice with chili, basil leaves & a choice of meat.

FR3.  GREEN CHILI PASTE FRIED RICE - Fried rice with green chili paste,
green beans and basil leaves with your choice of meat

FR4.  SALTY FISH FRIED RICE - Fried rice with salty fish, chicken & Chinese broccoli          11.99

FR5.  CRAB FRIED RICE - Crabmeat stir fried with rice, egg & onions.                                    12.75

FR6.  HAWAIIAN FRIED RICE - A combination of meats (pork, beef, chicken & shrimp),
         cashew nuts, raisins, pineapple and onions.                                                                     12.75