(Served with jasmine rice)

HS1.  ORANGE CHICKEN- Deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce served with fried rice.     10.99

HS2.  BBQ CHICKEN - Charbroiled meat marinated in Thai's herb.                                                     10.99

HS3.  BBQ PORKCHOP - Charbroiled meat marinated special sauce.                                                10.99

HS4. CRYING TIGER - BBQ beef dipped in special hot & spicy sauce.                                               12.99

HS5.  SCALLOPS & SHRIMPS POT - Sautéed in shrimp paste, cooked and serve in a pot.      16.50

HS6.  SCALLOPS & SHRIMPS CURRY - Sautéed with curry sauce, egg, onions & bell peppers.      16.50

HS7.  CAT FISH PADPHED  - Catfish sautéed in homemade red chili sauce.                                     12.99

HS8.  CAT FISH KEE MAO - Catfish sautéed in chili sauce, green onions & basil                               12.99

HS9.  SPICY SEAFOOD WITH BASIL LEAVES - Choice of seafood sautéed with basil leaves & chili.
                                                                                                                               Shrimp and Scallop 16.50
                                                                                                                          Combination Seafood 15.99

HS9. PANANG SALMON - Salmon sautéed in coconut milk & curry spices.                                      13.99

HS10. SPICY GARLIC SALMON - Salmon stir fried with garlic & chili.                                                 13.99

HS11. THAI SPECIALTY SALMON - Salmon sautéed with spicy white wine sauce                             13.99

HS12. PRA RAM - Choice of meat stir fried with spinach topped with peanut sauce.  10.99