Lunch Special

Chicken / Pork / Vegetable / Tofu - 9.50
Beef 9.99
Shrimp/Squid - 10.50
(Served with 1 Egg Roll)


LS1.   PAD WOON SEN - Silver noodle stir fried with egg, bean sprouts & mushrooms.

LS2.  SPICY GARLIC - Garlic sauce and chili stir fried with choice of meat.

LS3.  PRIK KING - Red Chili paste, green beans stir fried with choice of meat.

LS4.  BASIL AND CHILI - Basil leaves, onions and chili, stir fried with choice of meat.

LS5.  ASSORTED VEGETABLES - Mixed vegetables stir fried with choice of meat.

LS6.  CHICKEN CURRY - Chicken sautéed in coconut milk with carrots, potatoes & yellow chili paste.

LS7.  PINE APPLE CURRY - Pineapple sautéed with red chili paste in coconut milk.

LS8.  CHICKEN NOODLE - Pan-fried rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts & crushed peanuts.

LS9.  PAD THAI - Pan-fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts and topped with crushed peanuts.

LS10. PAD SEE EIW - Pan-fried flat rice noodle with egg, broccoli & sweet soy sauce.

LS11. PAD KEE MAO - Pan-fried rice noodle with basil leaves, bean sprout & chili.

LS12. THAI FRIED RICE - Fried rice with egg, onions & choice of meat.

LS13. BASIL FRIED RICE - Fried rice with basil leaves, chili & choice of meat.

LS14. BBQ ( CHICKEN OR PORK) - Charbroiled chicken or pork chop marinated  in Thai herbs.                          10.50

LS15. CRYING TIGER - BBQ beef dipped in special hot and spicy sauce.                                                               11.99

LS16. HAWAIIAN FRIED RICE - Fried rice with a combination of pork, beef, chicken & shrimp
         and cashew nuts, raisins, pineapple & green onions.                                                                                       11.75

LS17. SPICY GARLIC SALMON -  6 Oz. fresh salmon piece stir fried with garlic & chili.                                          12.75

LS18. THAI SPECIALTY SALMON - 6 Oz. fresh salmon piece sautéed with spicy white
          wine sauce, flavored with lemon, garlic, bell pepper and chilies served on a bed of spinach                       12.75