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          AP1.  THAI EGG ROLLS - Deep fried tortillas stuffed with  ground chicken and cabbage.              5.99
          AP2.  SUMMER ROLLS - Rice crapes wrapped with vegetable, tofu and noodle.                           5.99
                   SUMMER ROLLS with Shrimp -Rice crapes wrapped with vegetable, Shrimp and noodle.  7.99

AP3.  CRAB WONTON - Mitation crab meat and cream cheese in a pastry shell.                            5.99

AP4.  POT STICKER - Deep Fried gyoza                                                                                            5.99

AP5. SPICY HOT WING (5 pcs) Deep fried chicken with chili, pepper and garlic.                            7.99

AP6. THAI WRAP Ground chicken with Shitake mushroom and served with lettuce.                      7.99                              

AP7.  FRIED CALAMARI - Thai style deep fried squid served with sweet & sour sauce.                 7.99

AP8. SISSY SHRIMPS - Deep fried shrimps swathed in wonton skins                                             7.99

AP9. FISH CAKE (5 pcs.) - Deep-fried fishcakes served with cucumber relish.                               7.99

AP10. SA-TAY CHICKEN or BEEF (5 pcs.) - Marinated Meat on skewers.                                 8.99/9.99

AP11. VEGIE TEMPURA - Crispy fried vegetable with Panko Tempura flour.                                   7.99

AP12. VEGIE EGG ROLLS  (7 pcs.)- Deep fried tortillas stuffed with vegetable.                              7.99

 AP13. FRIED TOFU (6 pcs.) - Deep fried tofu served with sweet & sour sauce.                             7.99